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In September 2007 ALPHA COMPANY's founder, Kristian Sorensen, returned to the United States after a deployment to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Major Sorensen is currently stateside but has not yet returned to Hollywood, CA.  He will still be checking E-mail sent to his ALPHA COMPANY account, so please feel free to contact him with any casting questions and he will pass your requests on to an ALPHA COMPANY casting associate in the Los Angeles area.


ALPHA COMPANY is an extras casting agency dealing, specifically, with military type roles. Registered members of ALPHA COMPANY all have prior Military or Police service, or have had extensive training by an official Military Technical Advisor.

ALPHA COMPANY deals with both union and non-union casting.

Why do you need ALPHA COMPANY?

If you are in need of extras to portray Soldiers or Police officers in your production, what better way to add realism than by using actual Soldiers and Police officers!

Using extras from ALPHA COMPANY will help you save Time... A lot of Time.

Time spent on sending the extras through wardrobe (Our soldiers know the proper wear and appearance of military and police uniforms.)

Time spent on training extras for a scene. (Our extras already know what to do before you ask. Remember, they did this for a living.)

Time spent on extras wrangling. (Our extras are professional soldiers, You will never find more mature, honest, and disciplined men and women anywhere in Hollywood!)

Time is money. We will save your production company A LOT of money.




For more information,

or to speak with an ALPHA COMPANY representative:



All casting submissions should be sent to:



PO BOX 931042

LOS ANGELES, CA  90093-1042



Register with Alpha Company

Registration for ALPHA Company is always FREE for prior service Military Personnel.

To register with ALPHA Company, please send:

  • A current photograph (3x5 preferably in uniform) as well as a copy of any professional headshots.

  • A military resume' listing MOS qualifications and special skills.

  • A theatrical resume' (optional).

  • Your wardrobe sizes. (example "shirt: 16 neck 33 sleeve")

  • A list of any military or police uniforms you currently own.

  • Any union affiliations.

  • Your phone numbers and mailing address.


Your information will be placed on file.

There are no guarantees for employment. Photos can not be returned.


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