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What is a Chig?

by Kristian Sorensen

A Chig is the Alien featured in the television series "SPACE: Above and Beyond". They are violent, ominous creatures that wear a suit of protective armor and turn to a green spooge when exposed to an oxygen atmosphere.

I wasn’t always a Chig. My first role on the show was playing a wounded soldier in a hospital room in the episode "Stay With the Dead". The same day we were filming those scenes, the production company was auditioning actors to play Chigs. In between scenes, I went over to where they were auditioning and hopped in line. I guess I did OK, because before I knew it I was going through Chig Basic Training with five other actors. We would soon all become close friends.

Unfortunately my career as a Chig was prematurely cut short. Not by Earth’s defensive forces or the United States Marine Corps… But by unimaginative, shortsighted, clueless Hollywood executives. In other words, the show was cancelled.

I still consider this show as one of my favorites to have worked on. I’m still in touch with the other Chigs and see members of the cast and crew regularly while working on other productions. And, of course, Chigs will live on forever in the hearts of our fans, re-runs, and hopefully even a movie of the week.

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